Information Technology Developer
Hezekiah Kent Lewis III
Jacksonville, Florida

Business Model

I have been around a while. I prefer to write C# code using Microsoft Visual Studio 20XX. I am fairly experienced in understanding what you want with only a minimum amount of work on your part.
Because this would be a remote project, it is very important for us to understand the whole matter of email confirmation for all major processing discussions and changes.
This is Important!
I will set up a project with Winhost (my favorite hosting company) that would be your development site. It would show all the work on your project to date. You will be able to run tests at your convenience. This would include a small database with data representing your requirements. When I FTP to your development site, we can look at it together as well. I like this. At that point it is a "yes" or "no" from you in terms of the processing. I would make changes if necessary.

I would like to recommend the following guidelines for how the project should proceed:

  1. Via an email I need to receive a summary of expected processing.
  2. Listing of Inputs into this processing including databases, spreadsheets, flat files and others.
  3. Listing of Outputs from this processing including databases, spreadsheets, reporting along with pdf, word etc)
  4. The main person (with contact information) that will serve as the point of contact for this project.
  5. I would like to have this main person to be the only person from whom I would receive instructions and changes.
  6. For all discusions on the phone, I will provide a follow-up email outlining my understanding. if my understanding is not correct, lets have another discussion and do the email thing again.
  7. I will build your project on my site. After user Id and password entry you will land on the landing page for your site.
  8. As we agree that you are seeing what you expected, we progress to the next section below.

I believe in the Agile software development(ASD) model. It focuses on keeping code simple, testing often, and delivering functional bits of the application as soon as they're ready. Again because I am remote, the goal of ASD is to build upon small client-approved parts as the project progresses as opposed to delivering one large application at the end of the project that may not be what was envisioned. Since I try to limit my commitments to small and medium size projects, in most cases I will be able to deliver the entire package at one time. With good communication, this should be possible.

You will sign in to your portion of this site and we will launch the project and see results together.

It is my hope that you will see the practicality of my approach but understand that I am flexible about anything but the email confirmations. The emails, after all, are the only official documentation of having proceeded along according to your wishes. At the end of the project, it will serve as the bases for our agreed upon payment for service.

It’s all about success!