Schmidt Rental and Lease

Ed Schmidt Rental and Lease

Schmidt Rental and Lease was founded in 1962, when the idea of car rental and leasing was still in its infancy. We have proudly been a part of the Metro Toledo community for over 50 years. Schmidt Rental and Lease has been helping the area by providing outstanding customer service and convenient pricing to many patrons of the Northwest Ohio region. We offer a large fleet ranging from mid-size cars all the way up to large 15 passenger vans for rent or lease. Whether you are looking to rent a car while your vehicle is in the shop or trying to find an affordable van rental for your family vacation, we can provide a rental that exceeds your expectations. Schmidt Lease offers nothing but the best fully loaded cars. All Schmidt Lease cars are equipped with four doors and luxury features like heated leather seats, sun/moon roofs, and auxiliary plug-in for your MP3 players. All SUV’s are equipped with the same features, and our minivans all have DVD players. Our 15 passenger vans are the perfect solution for large group travel. And finally, the conversion van, our pride and joy, is our high-top luxury van seating 9 passengers for comfort on any voyage. The conversion van boasts plenty of luggage space, along with a 26-inch HDTV with DVD player and auxiliary input, making it perfect for a long trip or a luxurious ride to show your business associates around town.

There are many reasons why someone may need a rental car or van for leisure activities, so we have compiled a list of some most common uses for our rental vehicles.

Getting Away for a Week or just the Weekend

If you have plans to see a friend or relative who lives across the state and your car is unreliable, Schmidt Rental and Lease offers an easy solution to getting where you need to go with peace of mind. Renting a quality vehicle allows you to have more fun on your journey, rather than worrying about your car breaking down along the way. We offer a range of regularly maintained vehicles with more features than you could even imagine. Also, be sure to ask about our weekly and weekend specials to make your rental even more cost effective.

Business Conferences and Employee Use

Schmidt Rental provides companies with low competitive rates that allow their employees to rent vehicles as needed rather than paying employees to use their personal vehicles. With Schmidt Rental and Lease’s great low rates and unlimited mileage rental options, we save companies money by eliminating the need to purchase their own fleet cars or rely on employees’ personal cars for travel.

Service and Insurance Replacement Rentals

If your car was in an accident and now needs to go to a body shop for repairs, Schmidt Lease can solve the problem of transportation for you, whether you need a rental for a day, a week, or even a month. Our ability to directly bill most insurance companies enables you to enjoy hassle-free rental with little or no out-of-pocket expenses.

Mission Trips or Youth Group Trips

Throughout the years, we’ve been serving many area churches with our 15 rental passenger vans, which easily accommodate large groups. Our church van rental allows these organizations to participate in group mission trips and youth group trips without the added expense of using multiple vehicles for transportation.


If you’d like to shuttle your guests to and from the wedding venue, the reception, or hotels, our 15 passenger rental vans are a great option. Group transportation is a faster and safer alternative to leaving travel up to individuals who may lose their way or drive unreliable vehicles. Schmidt Rental and Lease also offers car rentals with unlimited mileage for honeymoons so the bride and groom don’t have to worry about putting high mileage on their own car or paying to repair their vehicle along the way.

Sporting Events or Special Events – Concerts, Tailgating, Family Reunions and More

Rental vehicles are the perfect solution when more people are going than can fit into your personal vehicle. Rather than taking multiple cars, renting a larger vehicle, like our minivans, SUVs, or even our 9 passenger conversion vans and 15 passenger vans, allows you to include more people with less difficulty.

Why use Schmidt Rental and Lease?

We have the largest, most up-to-date fleet in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. In 2010, we added Budget Moving Trucks to our product offerings so we can even assist you with a rental moving van when you’re moving locally or out of the area. Also in 2010, we consolidated into our newest location within the Ed Schmidt complex at 26875 N. Dixie Highway in Perrysburg. In 2012, we sold our heavy duty trucking operations so we could focus solely on the needs of our light duty rental and leasing customers.